Before Production

Before we start production, we want to ensure there are no issues or problems that might slow the process down. As part of our integrative approach, our designers and technical designers will work with you, communicating and collaborating with you on the best way to make the production process quick and smooth.

We’re There for Every Step of Production

Once we’ve identified the design, the components, the right factory — as well as any potential speed bumps — we determine the process that will make your particular job as smooth as possible.

Of course it all starts with a good sample and that happens in our state-of-the-art sample rooms. For the record, no one approaches samples with the enthusiasm and pride that we do. If you have an idea, we’re more than happy to show you what it might look like.

Once we have full approvals and production starts, our team works within the factory itself. We have experts overseeing every step of the process. Our line inspectors, line engineers and quality control experts all ensure your product gets manufactured correctly.

We Invest in the Technology for Your Needs

Not having the right equipment is no excuse for not making your product. If you need a special machine to make your design, we’ll get it into our factories. We spare no expense when it comes to getting the job done.

Also, by reinvesting in our company, we’re always at the forefront of making the production process faster, easier and more affordable.

Ethical Manufacturing

At KRD Imports, safe and ethical manufacturing is our top priority. Walk on our factory floors, and you’ll see that we follow strict safety compliances and world guidelines, as well as your company’s guidelines. All our factories are Bureau Veritas and WRAP approved, giving you the peace of mind that your product was created ethically.


Hands-on Management

With our hands-on project management, we offer the strongest assurance that your product will be made correctly and delivered on time.

Team Integration

Our team provides in-factory oversight to ensure your product gets manufactured correctly and delivered on time.

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