We Work Hand-in-Hand With You

Have a design concept that you think is sure to fly off the shelves? Come to us and we’ll find the best way to get it to market. Our collaborative approach provides you with the confidence that your design is thought-through and vetted by a team of experts.

We’re Always On The Cutting Edge

Are you at the Paris fashion shows? So are we! We attend fashion, fabric and trade shows all over the world, so we always know what’s trending in the industry. Then every season, we present you with the latest trends, styles and fabrics. We’re also immersed in the market, and we’re in the stores all the time so we know what’s trending with consumers.

Design Service Benefits

Design Inspiration

Do you need us to bring you some design and style ideas? No problem. We have a thumb on the pulse of the fashion industry. Our team always knows what’s hot in the market, and how to make it for a great price.

Technological Innovation

We’re not just keeping an eye on fashion trends, however. We keep track of the latest technologies, and ensure our factories are cutting edge. With the latest tech at your disposal, we can make clothes better and faster. That means more cost-savings for you.

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With KRD, not only will you get product to market quickly at the best price possible — you’ll be confident your order is exactly how you want it. Fill out your information to find out more about how KRD can work with you.

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