Our specialized team spans the globe with offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam and New York

Our global team works hard to provide your apparel brand with the quality materials, design and logistics it needs to be a success. Find out more about our strategic global locations and team members below.

New York, USA

Our New York location is our corporate headquarters. Headed by company Owner and Co-President Lawrence Jacobs, Co-President and COO Katherine Peabody, and Vice President Samuel Hallock Jacobs, our executive team includes account executives, technical designers, designers, and fabric specialists, as well as our head of logistics. Our executive team travels to our retail clients throughout the US and our global locations, where they monitor sourcing and manufacturing to ensure the highest quality and workflow efficiencies.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Our Hanoi-based team includes the finest fabric sourcing experts, designers, international logistics specialists, sample/product developers, fabric and trim bookers, factory engineers, wash-house technicians, and quality controllers. This expert team works around the clock providing the highest quality products and services that ensure your brand’s success.

Hong Kong, China

Our Hong Kong-based team includes our detail-oriented fabric sourcing and design team members, international logistics specialists, skilled sample/product developers, and fabric and trim bookers. Our Hong Kong team works seamlessly to provide stead-fast solutions to your apparel brand’s needs.

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