Sample Fabrics When You Need Them

Design and fabric go hand-in-hand — one inspires the other. But you can’t start designing until you have the right fabric to work with. Because we have close relationships with so many mills around the world we can have sample yards made quickly, so you can get started on your design process as soon as possible. With access to the latest fabrics, KRD is guaranteed to find the perfect fabric fit for your design idea.

Fabric Testing & The Future

Before you can start designing, fabric has to be tested for shrink, stretch and recovery. Before a fabric is shipped to the store, we vet it through to ensure fit and quality. That’s just one of the ways we’re streamlining our process at KRD Imports, making us more efficient at getting your products to market quickly and into your customer’s hands.

Service /Benefits

Fabric Experts

Not sure what fabric you need to work with? We can help! We have our own fabric designers that will provide you with fresh and new fabrics that work to enhance your designs.

Fabric Finishing

Need stone-washed jeans? Garment-dyed jeans? We’re experts at that too.

Fabric Innovation

Visit us at our Fabric Lab in New York. It’s where we bring and then analyze new fabrics from all over the world.

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